How to run a sucessful crowdfunder

During 2021, we teamed up with Crowdfunder UK to help a group of our members through a collective crowdfunding programme, raising over £20k! During the programme, we produced a number of resources for members to help them through their campaigns, along with Zoom meet-ups and a Slack support group. See all the resources here and learn how to run your own successful crowdfunding campaign for a vegan business.

Live Q&A session with Crowdfunder UK

We’re joined by Nicole and Anna from CrowdfunderUK to explain how rewards-based crowdfunding works and how to run a successful campaign. Nicole, Anna and David then take questions from the members live to help you get started on your crowdfunding campaign.

How Victoria hit her crowdfunding target

Victoria from Happy Carrot Skincare was the second of our members on our Crowdfunding programme to hit their funding goal. We talk to Victoria to find out exactly what activity she did to hit her target, what she learned and what she would change if she did it all again.

How Laura hit her crowdfunding target

Laura from Primary Veducation is on a mission to help schools be more inclusive for vegan children.  Unlike our other members, Laura found that the majority of her backers were people she had no previous connection with.  So just how did Laura buck the crowdfunding trend and get supported by complete strangers?

Expert interview: How One Planet Pizza funded their business

One Planet Pizza was the first vegan company in Europe to go through equity crowdfunding. In this interview, Lisa talks with their founder Mike Hill about how to run a successful funding campaign and his advice for any vegan business looking to raise money.

Meet-up with our members taking part in the programme

Watch back the first crowdfunding meet-up, where each member introduces themselves and then we look at what support each company needs to set up their campaign. Karl Fogg from Phyton also explains why he chose to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Update from our members taking part in the programme

Watch back the second Crowdfunding meet-up.  Now all the campaigns are live each member gives us an update on how they are generating publicity for their campaigns, and we talk to Victoria from Happy Carrot Skincare about how she got to 50% funded in the first couple of weeks.

How Andrew raised $10k to fund his vegan documentary

Days from the end of his crowdfunding campaign, Andrew Alexander had almost no backers and only a week to save his project. In this interview, David asks Andrew how he managed to raise $10k to fund his vegan documentary.

Our podcast crowdfunding specials

Episode 024 – Crowdfunding your vegan business
How do you crowdfund a vegan business? How easy is it and what does it take to hit your target? The truth is less than 25% of crowdfunding campaigns are successful. 10% of campaigns don’t receive a single pledge.

Episode 030 – Crowdfunding follow-up with Happy Carrot Skincare & Primary Veducation
We follow-up with two of our members on the back of their successful crowdfunding campaigns.  David finds out how they decided how much money to raise, how they kept the momentum going through their campaigns and what they would do differently if they were trying to hit bigger targets.

Episode 068 – How Andrew Alexander raised $10k to fund his vegan documentary
Days from the end of his crowdfunding campaign, Andrew had almost no backers and only a week to save his project. How did he do it?

The completed campaigns!

MycoLearn: For Vegans Who Want to Earn and Learn

Raised £3,380
Fully funded!

Vegan-Inclusive Education Resources!

Raised £3,105
Fully funded!

Shop Interior Refit & Upgrade!

Raised £1,620
Fully funded!

Help Launch New Skincare Superheroes!

Raised £1,510
Fully funded!

Community plant-based hands

Raised £650
Fully funded!

Conscious Community Project

Raised £2,325
Partially funded!

New Free Vegan Magazines Launch

Raised £1,225
Partially funded!

Disrupt the Dog Food Industry with DoGood

Raised £1,215
Partially funded!

Fungtn: Adaptogenic, alcohol free craft beer!

Raised £820
Partially funded!

Join me to help simplify wasteful beauty routines

Raised £725
Partially funded!

100% plant-based biscuit delivery

Raised £380
Partially funded!

Wheat Meats - Seitan Making Mixes

Raised £110
Partially funded!

The Tropical Duchess Product Development Campaign

Raised £50
Partially funded!


£2,315 pledged
Did not reach min target

Growing our big ideas of affordable vegan fashion

£455 pledged
Did not reach min target

Inclusivity Launch: Include the Excluded

£275 pledged
Did not reach min target

Decadent. Delicious. Desserts. For Everyone.

£135 pledged
Did not reach min target

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