Helping our members get funded!

Welcome to the challenger brands of tomorrow! During March 2021 we helped a group of our members through a collective crowdfunding programme raising over £18k. Click here to see to campaigns that have completed and how much each company raised!

Campaigns still live:

Inclusivity Launch: Include the Excluded

£2,000 target

To get the message of “inclusivity” to the food service industry. Help them to STOP excluding the minorities (vegans, allergy sufferers +).

Growing our big ideas of affordable vegan fashion

£5,000 target

We aim to educate, support and grow our local community, working towards a circular economy and sustainable living.

Join me to help simplify wasteful beauty routines

£5,500 target

I need your help to complete my simple range of hardworking multitaskers & introduce plastic-free & zero-waste multiuse gifting/travel bags.

Completed campaigns!

MycoLearn: For Vegans Who Want to Earn and Learn

Raised £3,380
Fully funded!

Vegan-Inclusive Education Resources!

Raised £3,105
Fully funded!

Shop Interior Refit & Upgrade!

Raised £1,620
Fully funded!

Help Launch New Skincare Superheroes!

Raised £1,510
Fully funded!

Community plant-based hands

Raised £650
Fully funded!

Conscious Community Project

Raised £2,325
Partially funded!

New Free Vegan Magazines Launch

Raised £1,225
Partially funded!

Disrupt the Dog Food Industry with DoGood

Raised £1,215
Partially funded!

Fungtn: Adaptogenic, alcohol free craft beer!

Raised £820
Partially funded!

100% plant-based biscuit delivery

Raised £380
Partially funded!

Wheat Meats - Seitan Making Mixes

Raised £110
Partially funded!

The Tropical Duchess Product Development Campaign

Raised £50
Partially funded!


£2,315 pledged
Did not reach min target

Decadent. Delicious. Desserts. For Everyone.

£135 pledged
Did not reach min target