How to market your vegan business

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Do you need help marketing your vegan business, or is it time to pull a proper plan together but you don’t know how?  You have found your perfect course!

A 24 module vegan marketing 'Viploma'!

Work your way through the course at your own pace and level, go from knowing nothing about marketing to having created a full marketing plan.

A combination of written content, videos and templates

Video introductions to each section, downloadable templates, links to more resources and the ability to ask questions at the end of each chapter.

Written by vegan business experts with over 20 years' marketing experience

Every word is written from a vegan point of view to address the specific issues of marketing a vegan business.

If you do not build a business that is successful and financially sustainable, then you cannot help us move towards a vegan world.

Most of us start a vegan business as a way to further the cause.  It may be your way of moving towards a vegan world by providing better vegan products.  Or it might be that you want to do something to make it easier for people to live a cruelty-free life. But it is fair to say that most vegans who start a business do so without thinking enough about actually making money!  As vegans, we can often feel guilty about trying to make money out of other vegans.  We might feel that making money is unethical – after all, many people blame growing commercialism for a lot of today’s problems.  But the reality is this: you can do a lot more good in the world with a profit than with loss.

If you do not build a business that is successful and financially sustainable then you cannot help us move towards a vegan world. This is really important and something that needs to be ‘baked-in’ to your business from the start. You need to succeed with your vegan business to actually make a difference, and for most of us that means having regular paying customers for what we’re offering.

Even if you are a charity, you still need to attract income.  You need to connect your organisation with enough people who believe in what you do to enable you to keep on doing it.

That’s why it is your duty to the vegan movement to get better at doing business.  There’s no point in having an amazing product that will change the world if that product never gets into anyone’s hands.  There’s no point in having a voice if it’s never heard.

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Watch this introduction from the opening chapter of the course.  Each chapter starts with a video introduction from David to let you know what we’ll be covering. 


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Section 1: Understanding your customer and the market
Section 2: Your vegan marketing toolbox
Section 3: Creating and carrying out your marketing plan

What you will get from completing this course

By working through this ‘Viploma’ you won’t just improve the marketing and promotion of your business, you will also improve your passion and motivation for your business.  

You don’t need to complete the entire course before you can start making a difference to your business. Completing the exercises as you go will give you real-world information and advice that you can start to apply right away. 

When you finish this marketing ‘Vipolma’ you will:

  • Have gained a thorough understanding of the vegan marketplace
  • Have identified who your customers are and know what they want
  • Know how to be genuinely remarkable in the vegan market
  • Understand how to build a ‘tribe’ of loyal followers and brand champions
  • Understand how your company can also benefit from non-vegan consumers
  • Have gained an entire vegan marketing toolbox, including:
    • The right brand and brand voice
    • A website that converts browsers into buyers
    • Google PPC
    • Email marketing
    • Content creation
    • Social media (free and paid advertising)
    • Networking and events
    • Selling by creating a personal brand
    • Getting your vegan company in the news (PR)
    • How to approach and work with vegan influencers
  • Have decided what you should do next and in what order
  • Know how to create a funnel by moving people from awareness of you to engagement, and then becoming your customers and advocates
  • Have created a full vegan marketing plan with a timeline, as well as knowing how to carry it out and stay motivated