Exercises for this chapter:

  • Set up a way to track when your customers last bought from you, or when you had a conversation with them. Set up a CRM system if you don’t have one already.
  • Brainstorm what else you can sell to your current customers. If they have already bought from you, they already trust you to solve their problems.
  • Define your company’s mission. Let’s not make this just about the thing you sell, let’s give customers a really good reason to stay with you.
  • Work out how you are going to bring your customers behind the scenes. How are you going to get them to feel like they know you or are part of the business? How are you going to make a personal connection, even if you have 100 employees?!

David says:

Realising that you can sell different things to the same people was a real pivot point in my career.

It might actually be that you’ve already got all the customers you need.