Exercises for this chapter:

  • It’s time to times your visibility goals by ten! Be audacious, because you are going to have to get creative and probably move outside of what you have tried before. So how are you going to achieve that?
  • Whose audience do you need to get in front of? List out the companies and influencers who are already selling to the people you want to sell to.
  • How are you going to get to know the gatekeepers in your industry? Who are they (list them out), what events are they going to be at, and what can you do to get known by them?
  • Start to put tracking and testing in place on all your marketing activities. Don’t spend money on marketing until you have a way of knowing what you are getting from it in return.
  • Make your customers your best friends. Start to reach out to them and try to set up some Zoom sessions.

David says:

Gamification can really help with visibility.

Set yourself a very public challenge (such as getting on 52 podcasts in a year) or announce a big PR stunt that scares the life out of you (such as delivering your 1000th order by foot, no matter where in the country they are)! Being ordinary is out of the question now, you need to be remarkable!