Exercises for this chapter:

  • Work out where your customers are getting stuck in your funnel. Are you failing to get them to start evaluating what you sell, or are you not moving them from evaluation to purchase? Or are you simply not putting enough people in to the top of your funnel to begin with?!
  • How can you get your company in front of a single person 20 different times and in 20 different ways? Is that going to be getting on podcasts that you know your customers listen to? Is it getting news stories about your company on the websites you know your customers read?
  • Learn about automation. We’re going to be mentioning automation several times in this course, so now is the time to start learning what it means and finding out what can be automated in your sales and marketing strategy.

David says:

Knowing there is a strategy to getting customers takes away the uncertainty (and desperation) of what to try next!

What works is going to be unique to your company, but the funnel is as close to a blueprint for getting customers as you will find.