Section 1: Understanding your customer and the market
Section 2: Your vegan marketing toolbox
Section 3: Creating and carrying out your marketing plan

PR stunts

PR isn’t just about writing articles to get you into the news; you can also create the news yourself.  Meatless Farm make vegan meat alternatives and decided to hijack the pro-meat campaign ‘Meaty March’ in London for some great PR.  They sent out a crew of muscular topless men onto the streets of London to offer samples of a new burger to the general public at the march.  It wasn’t until people had tried the burgers and said how good they were that they told them they were vegan burgers.  The stunt (and gratuitous photos of topless young men!) got picked up by many different news outlets, and the resulting videos taken of people realising the burgers were not made from animals were social media gold.

Some other stunts have had a lot of money behind them, such as Million Dollar Vegan’s campaign asking Pope Francis to go vegan for lent in return for $1M donated to a charity of his choosing.  He didn’t accept the challenge, but it still generated huge amounts of publicity for the Million Dollar Vegan campaign and twelve year old climate change campaigner Genesis Butler.

You can do your own stunts without spending a million dollars.  Meatless Farm’s ‘meatless march’ cost them almost nothing to do and gave them lots of new content to share.  Can you go out into the streets and give out samples in some theatrical way that will get noticed or maybe even ruffle some feathers?  Can you make reaction videos, or undertake a challenge and invite the local news to cover it?  Go out there and make some noise – and make sure you take plenty of photographs and videos as you do.

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