Section 1: Understanding your customer and the market
Section 2: Your vegan marketing toolbox
Section 3: Creating and carrying out your marketing plan

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Hi, do you know how to add the vegan symbol to one’s own profile? I tried to search help but nothing came up. I’ve been a member/user of LinkedIn for several years now.

Hey Marc, you just need to edit your surname to include it at the end.

There are several ways to add the characters but the easiest is to copy and paste them: ⓥ 🌱

If you’re on mobile you can just use the emoji button to find the seedling icon: 🌱 which we use a lot in conversations and on posts to show that we’re talking about veganism! On Windows you can also press the Windows key and full stop to bring up the emoji menu.


Maria Aguirregomozcorta January 18, 2021 at 7:54 pm

Hi David,
I have a question about LinkedIn. Why I can message some of my connections but I am not allowed to message others unless I am a Premium member – even if those people were the ones who sent the connection request?

Hey Maria, and great that we connected on LinkedIn too!

If someone is a 1st degree connection then you should be able to send them a message. You can tell if they are a 1st degree member becasue when you look at their profile page they have 1st after their name. A couple of things that can stop you sending a message though:

  1. If you have JUST made them a connection, sometimes you have to refresh their profile page for the ‘message’ button to appear. This used to catch me out all the time!
  2. Sometimes, and I’m not sure why, the ‘send message’ option is hidden in the ‘more’ menu, next to where the message box usually is.

Let me know if that helps!

David ?

Maria Aguirregomozcorta January 18, 2021 at 10:07 pm

That’s good to know, I’ll see if tomorrow that’s changed!
Thanks David!

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