Section 1: Understanding your customer and the market
Section 2: Your vegan marketing toolbox
Section 3: Creating and carrying out your marketing plan

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Hi David,

Do you have nay tips for someone who has never recorded a zoom interview, nor edited one? Is it straightforward (I have set up and joined zoom meetings) or should we use a special programme?

You mention putting video testimonials on YouTube, but why? Is this to link to your website or share on other channels?

I don’t know if other bakeries do this or i it would be effective for our business.

Thanks again,


Hi Natasha,

You want to get testimonials where your customers will see them. So YouTube is a good place to upload videos but you will want to then embed the videos on your website so people can watch them there – and then perhaps send your mailing list a link to watch them.

The best place for YOU though will be on your social media: create a new album on your Facebook page for video testimonials and make sure you upload each new one to there.

Because you are selling local, I would really focus on that angle. Ask your regulars when they come into the shop if they would record a quick 30 seconds about why they love your bakery for you to share on social. Take them to one side and just do it on your phone. You could then use this to make a ‘what the locals say’ page on your website and video gallery on your social media pages which would also be really good for making the local customers feel like part of your community! Tag them in if it lets you, encourage them to share the videos, make them into mini 60-second movie stars! Testimonials are to create loyal customers from the people you feature as much as reaching out to new customers.

As for Zoom, the app has recording which works really well, but not editing. Macs have a movie editor built-in and windows allows you to trim videos – but if you want to do anything more fancy there is various free software online you can find and learn:

Basic tips for Zoom is always use some form of microphone and earphones to get better quality than using your computer’s inbuilt ones. If you don’t use earphones then Zoom also has to do some extra work to mask out what’s coming out of your speakers which can result in some odd audio clipping.

However, I suspect you can keep the testimonials quite short. Your customers are not making a long, drawn-out buying decision so they only need to hear that the food is amazing and the staff are even more so!

David ?

Thanks so much – that’s super helpful!

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