Section 1: Understanding your customer and the market
Section 2: Your vegan marketing toolbox
Section 3: Creating and carrying out your marketing plan

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I’d like to try Google ads but we don’t sell our vegan cheese direct to customers – we only sell wholesale – so I don’t know how I’d measure the success of the ads.

Hey Alice, there are two options. Either you would use Google ads to support your retailers – so capture anyone in NZ searching for Vegan Cheese and then direct them to your product listing on other people’s sites. If you are very friendly with your retailers you can also add a query string on the end of your link so that the retailer will be able to see which orders have come from your adverts.

The other option is to use Google ads to find new retailers and wholesalers, so set up ads specifically targeting search terms such as ‘vegan cheese manufacturer New Zealand’ or something similar. I don’t think you would get lots of traffic – but that’s OK because you only pay for what you get with PPC!


Do you think there is any value using other search engines? I was thinking perhaps that it may be more directed to our target audience – Ecosia for example might capture more like minded individuals – or am I completely off the mark with this one!

Hi Laura. It’s an interesting point to make. Google has close to 90% of the global search engine traffic, so you know that no matter who your audience is then they are on Google. Looking at other search engines is for when you’re already getting everything you can out of the most obvious source and so then need to start picking up traffic from secondary ones. If you are starting out with a limited budget though, then start with the one that’s going to give you the most back. In 90% of the case this is Google.

Although is something that is wonderful to support, I would only consider advertising on it if it keeps coming up in your customer research. That’s the great thing about 1-2-1 customer research, you can add a really specific question like ‘what search engine do you use’ and that will give you all your answers to where you should be promoting yourself.

If you want to move beyond Google, then YouTube is actually the world’s second biggest search engine – although this requires more effort put into creating video advertising, it’s not outside the remit of many small companies.


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