Section 1: Understanding your customer and the market
Section 2: Your vegan marketing toolbox
Section 3: Creating and carrying out your marketing plan

It doesn’t matter if you are selling a physical product, your time, a service or looking for donations

Throughout the course I talk about ‘products’.  What this means to you will be different to what it means to someone else.  It might be that you sell physical ‘stuff’ that you could put on a shelf – so to you that is YOUR product.  But it might be that what you sell can’t be held in your hand, it might be your time, your expertise or your even your enthusiasm.  You might be a consultant or deliver a service – so again, this is YOUR product.  It might be that you are a charity or not-for-profit and that when someone ‘buys’ from you they are actually giving money without getting anything tangible back.  But what they are actually getting in return is being able to support a cause they care about; so to you, this donation and moral transaction is YOUR product.

So, when I talk about marketing your product, or working out what product a customer wants, don’t think this excludes you just because you don’t sell something that can be put in a jar.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling vegan goods to the general public, your time as a consultant to other vegan businesses, or the ability to support a great cause when people don’t have the time to do the actual hard work themselves.  I’ve got you covered in this course.

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