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How to market your vegan business

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It's not enough just to have a vegan business

You need to build a successful vegan business.

It doesn’t matter what level your marketing knowledge is when you start, by the time you finish this course you will be able to create and launch a full marketing plan for your vegan business. Created by David Pannell, (co-founder of Vegan Business Tribe, career-long marketing consultant, speaker, podcaster, and former ambassador for The Chartered Institute of Marketing) exclusively for vegan businesses.

Do you need to understand the vegan marketplace and plant-based customers' buying behaviour?

Learn how to research your customers and create a strategy to connect with them.

Unlock your full vegan marketing toolbox from email marketing to vegan influencers and PR.

Learn how to create a marketing 'funnel' to take people from knowing about you to buying from you.

24 modules. Study at your own pace with full online support when you need it.

No more messing about. It's time to get serious with your business.

A great idea is not enough.  And neither is just hard work. If you are going to build a successful (and financially sustainable) vegan business then you need to learn how to find and connect with customers and get them to buy.

Creating a marketing plan ISN’T hard. But most vegans get into business for ethical reasons more than business ones, meaning you will NEED to learn some extra skills: How do you build a vegan brand? Should you use ‘vegan’ or ‘plant-based’ to promote your company? Can you actually find paying customers through social media? Does Google pay-per-click advertising work? And are you going to be spending all your time creating ‘content’ instead of running your business?

Watch Laura’s video, from Plant Based Health Online about her experience of the course:

Straight-talking and jargon-free! Introduction videos at the start of each chapter gives you an overview of what you are going to learn.

Passionately vegan, using case studies from successful vegan companies and always written from a cruelty-free viewpoint.

Degree-level content, written by a former ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Marketing with over 20 years' experience.

Exercises, worksheets, downloads and further reading for each section. Expect to roll your sleeves up and get busy!

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