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Showing how we deal with anti-vegan comments on our own social media posts​

We recently produced a great article explaining how you can handle someone posting anti-vegan comments on your business’s social media posts. But we thought it would be useful to show you a live example of how we handle it ourselves – by letting ‘our tribe’ come to our rescue.

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This vegan cafe shows us all how to do lockdown social media​

Blondes Cruelty-Free Eatery has been a shining example of how you can really bond with your customers during this lockdown period – and even create a new relationship with people who don’t even know you yet.

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How Peasholm Park B&B created a unique vegan experience

Peasholm Park Vegan B&B offer visitors to Scarborough a completely vegan holiday experience. We caught up with the owners to talk about their experiences and what tips they have for anyone thinking of launching a vegan business.

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What can we learn from ‘Magic Cake’?

A recipe for a ‘magic cake’ that can be made without milk, eggs or butter went viral far beyond the vegan-sphere. David asks what can we learn from vegan products that don’t market themselves as vegan.

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Your professional vegan vs your personal vegan

It’s important that the persona you present professionally is one that your audience, customers or clients are going to connect with. So how do you manage your personal and your professional vegan persona whilst keeping authentic?

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Q&A Coronavirus and your business

It is an absolutely heartbreaking time for many businesses, but there is help out there and also some opportunities you may not have thought about. Join us for our special Coronavirus Q&A.

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Should you go with ‘vegan’, ‘plant-based’ or something else entirely?

When it comes to terminology for your product there are many choices: vegan, plant-based, free-from, cruelty-free, or even nothing at all. Which one should you choose?

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How Mummy Meagz found success and their tips for vegan business owners

Mummy Meagz made the headlines when their vegan crème eggs hit the shelves. We caught up with their owner to talk about what tips they have for anyone thinking of launching a vegan business.

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Tribe chat: We discuss dealing with anti-vegan comments on your social media posts​

So you’ve got your message out there but people are making anti-vegan comments on your social media posts. David and Lisa talk about how to deal with these kinds of comments in a professional way.

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Why ‘vegan’ is no longer a USP

A number of years ago, your product being ‘vegan’ might have been a real point of difference. However as more and more companies launch vegan products, vegan is no longer a unique selling point (USP).

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