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Why focus is the missing ingredient in making your vegan business a success

Maybe you’re starting a vegan business but you’ve spent ages inching towards getting it ready to launch. Or perhaps you already have a vegan business but it’s not flying like you know it could be. If you’re full of ideas but don’t have the time to do them all well then it’s time to make some changes.

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How to become a vegan activist – interview with John Awen

For many of us, starting a vegan business is a way of furthering the vegan cause by aligning our passion with how we make a living. But what if you want to go further than that? Is it possible to be a full time vegan activist when you still have bills to pay? We ask one of the country’s most prolific vegan speakers, John Awen.

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Customers say they are buying less animal products as a result of the coronavirus lockdown​

In the wake of the Cornavirus, more consumers are questioning the link between our commercialised relationship with animals and the rise in infectious diseases. But with the World Health Organisation and NHS doctors also advocating people move towards a plant-based diet, how is this impacting what people buy?

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Vegan Business Tribe Spotlight: Beneath The Wood shares the realities of running an animal sanctuary​

Animal sanctuaries are the real frontline of veganism, but each is also a business that needs constant income. Sasha Bennett from Beneath The Wood Sanctuary shares her experiences of running a sanctuary and what tips she has for anyone thinking of starting their own.

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Why you need to be on LinkedIn as a vegan professional

You may think LinkedIn isn’t for you – but before you skip over this article you need to know that LinkedIn is a hub of vegan activity. It can give you the best chance to connect with executives at larger companies that you can’t access through other channels, as well as collaborate with other vegan professionals.

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Vegan business PR masterclass: How to get your vegan business in the news

One of the most common questions we get asked at Vegan Business Tribe is “How do I get my message out there”? In this 40-minute video masterclass, David talks with Vegan PR expert Caroline Burgess-Pike from Eden Green PR to give practical, hands on advice about how to get your vegan businesses in the news.

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Interview with Caroline from Eden Green PR

Caroline Burgess-Pike has worked on campaigns for Million Dollar Vegan, Squeaky Bean, and countless other vegan organisations. In this interview, Caroline tells us about her journey into vegan PR and her top tips for how to get your vegan business in the news.

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How do you get vegan certified?​

You may (or may not) be surprised to know that anything self-labelled as ‘vegan’ doesn’t legally need to be a vegan product. Having your products or business certified as vegan by an accreditation scheme gives consumers assurance that they are buying a vegan product.

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Re-watch our live seminar and Q&A from the Online Vegan Fair

As part of May’s Online Vegan Fair, David delivered a live hour-long session and Q&A on how to run a successful vegan business. Watch the session in full where we cover everything from why you should launch a vegan business to why you need to smash your preconceptions of who you think your customers are.

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Members’ Q&A: Vegan Business ideas, vegan certification and marketing animal sanctuaries!​

In this Q&A we cover how animal sanctuaries can better market themselves; should vegan businesses be using the Coronavirus to convince people to go vegan?; How to decide on what vegan business to launch; and how do you get your product vegan certified?

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