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Interview: Why environmental sustainability is important for a vegan business – with Kate Strong

As a vegan company you are probably already looking to run an ethical business. But in this interview with Kate Strong, we learn why you need to really show your ethical customers (and your staff) that you care.

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Tips: Managing the conflicts of having non-vegan employees in your vegan business​

Vegan companies will naturally attract vegan employees – but legally you cannot stipulate that people working for you must be vegan. This can lead to conflict in the workplace, but it can also be managed well.

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How buying behaviours change throughout the vegan journey

You might have thought that if you create a vegan product that it will be attractive to all vegans, but the reality is that our buying behaviours change as we continue along our vegan journey.

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Understanding the vegan & plant-based marketplace

The market for vegan products and services is booming – but what’s the real size of the marketplace and what’s really driving that growth? The answer might not be what you think.

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What criteria does your product have to meet to be vegan?

There can be real confusion about what criteria your product or service has to meet to be vegan. David explains exactly what it takes for a product to be vegan and how we can give customers reassurance.

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Tribe chat: We discuss should you label your product vegan or plant-based?

Why are some products called vegan, and why are others called plant-based? And which should you use when promoting your product or service?

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Your ethics will help you compete against big brands​

A lot of big brand names are moving into the vegan sector at the moment making it harder for smaller vegan businesses to compete. But you CAN compete if you build your company on the ethics that vegans care about.

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Tribe Chat: Live from Plant Powered Expo 2020

David and Lisa report live from Plant Powered Expo at the London Olympia, and discuss why the huge amount of people now interested in vegan and plant-based is great for the sector.

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