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Why some vegan businesses fail and others succeed: it’s all about you

Building a successful business is like running an obstacle course, with each obstacle just being another problem you need to overcome. But if you don’t have the right mental attitude to learn how to overcome each obstacle as you hit it, then you will join the majority of the population who get stuck or just give up. 

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Going from being employed to launching your own vegan business

Research has shown that 64% of the UK’s workforce have aspirations to set up their own business but the vast majority of people remain as employees. David is joined by business coach Trevor Banerjee (who left behind his own corporate career) to talk about the realities of going from being employed to launching your own vegan business.

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Behind the Scenes with Vegan Adventure Holidays

Travelling can always cause a worry for vegans without local knowledge of where to find good plant-based food. Lisa talks to Emma Fry about how she took her love of adventure, food and touring the world to create her Vegan Adventure Holidays business, and how she kept the business alive during a pandemic.

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How to work with vegan influencers to promote your business

How do you find, approach and work with a vegan influencer to promote your business? And what will they want in return? An influencer is just someone who has brought together an audience of people who are interested in a specific topic, and if you find the right influencer, they may be the conduit to a perfect ready-made audience for your business.

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Join us at the Great Yorkshire Vegan Market!

Lisa and David will be taking Vegan Business Tribe on the road this weekend to support the Great Yorkshire Vegan Market – run by Vegan Events UK. If you are in the area, you can join us on Sunday 20th June 2021 at Leeds Kirkgate Market. But what are Vegan Business Tribe looking to achieve from attending a local vegan fair?

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Are you sure your product is 100% vegan?

Ever wondered why apples are so shiny? Ever wondered what alcohol is filtered through? Ever thought about how they get refined sugar so white? Animal-derived products and ingredients have permeated every corner of our world. They are cheap, they are gruesome and often they are hidden – and it’s your duty to make sure they don’t get into your products.

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We need to talk about ‘imposter syndrome’

Do you ever feel like a fraud? Are you worried someone is going to find you out? Do you have an internal voice always questioning if you’re good enough? If so, this is something we really need to talk about. Because it’s not something that is unique to you – it’s called ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

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We want to know what you think of our plans for Vegan Business Tribe!

Vegan Business Tribe launched just before the global pandemic hit. It’s been a wild ride for us all but we’ve managed to bring together an amazing community of vegan businesses. One year in, we now need your feedback to help us shape the next twelve months ahead.

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Want to connect with other Vegan Business Tribe members? Join our Community Hub on Slack

Want to connect with other Vegan Business Tribe members? After trialling Slack as a communication tool for members to keep in touch with each other between meet-ups, we’re now rolling out the VBT Slack group to the rest of the Tribe! And we would love you to join us.  Read on to find out how.

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How to be a better speaker! With vegan speaking skills coach Steven Trister

Vegan Speaking Skills Coach Steven Trister founded The Speaking Revolution after spending 14 years as a professional comedy actor.  In this 40 minute workshop, Steven shows David how anyone can improve their speaking and why the biggest changes you can make is those in your head.

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