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Launching a business fast: Interview with Vieri from Video & Bits​

Faced with being unable to trade as a vegan hairstylist because of the Covid-19 lockdown, Vieri Wikes went from having an idea for a new business to getting paying customers within a couple of weeks. David talks to Vieri to find out how she managed to get a business off the ground so quickly by following her mantra ‘good is good enough’.

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Behind the scenes with Sutured Specimens, The Vegan Taxidermist

Beth is an artist who makes what looks like antique anatomical studies out of all-vegan fabrics which you can buy to add a little macabre humour to your life! However, she also uses her creations to open up conversations about veganism with the public who see her work. Lisa talks to Beth about how she first tested, and then created, such a unique business idea.

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Why every successful vegan business needs to build a tribe

To build a successful business, you need a group of followers who absolutely cannot live without your product and believe in your vegan mission. These people will help you spread your message and attract more people who also love what you are doing. They will become your brand ambassadors. They will become your ‘tribe’.

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Help us define the future of Vegan Business Tribe with our members’ survey​

Before the world got turned upside down with Coronavirus, Vegan Business Tribe was going to launch as a paid-for content site. However – in the few months since we’ve opened up the site for free to help business during the lockdown, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of humbling feedback. How can we put up a paywall if that means only a fraction of vegan businesses would get access to this content that’s helping so many?

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How can you help Vegan Business Tribe?

There are lots of ways you can help our growing community, from telling other vegan businesses about VBT to helping us organise a virtual meet-up with other local vegan businesses in your area. David explains how you can get more involved, and promote your own vegan business at the same time.

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