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Join us this weekend at Global Vegfest​

Vegan Business Tribe will be opening the online Global Vegfest event this weekend, with two back-to-back events on Saturday morning. 9.00am: How to have a successful vegan business; 10.00am: Expert panel: Starting a vegan business. Join us live!

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How to collaborate with other vegan businesses

‘Vegan’ is not just an industry sector, it’s a movement – and we know that we can achieve more when we work together. There are lots of ways you can collaborate with other vegan businesses to create a bigger audience for both of you – and sometimes, a bigger mission.

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Watch back: How to get more customers for your vegan business

How do you find more customers? Should you be doing Instagram? Should you be paying for Facebook adverts? Should you be doing email marketing and PR? In this live one-hour masterclass plus Q&A, David takes you right back to the basics of sales and marketing to find out.

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Behind the Scenes with Short Stop Video

Can you take the skills you already have and use them to align your vegan passion with how you make a living? Damian from Short Stop Video shares how a significant health scare led to him reconsider the direction of his business. Read how Damian transitioned from being a standard videographer to making films for companies who want to change the world!

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Vegan Business Tribe members get a discount on ‘breakfast pizza’ at Vegan Camp Out this weekend!

Lisa and David will be at Vegan Camp Out this weekend – and if you are there too we would love you to meet up with us for breakfast on Saturday morning! Includes a special Vegan Business Tribe discount from One Planet Pizza.

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How vegan card company Avocardo took to the streets to increase their visibility

Louis Sandford recently made the news when he took to the street wearing a simple cardboard sign to promote his vegan greetings card company. What started out as a bit of budget promotion escalated into a viral social campaign and an interview on his local BBC radio station. David talks to Louis to find out what impact the stunt had on his business.

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Join our next free seminar: How to get more customers for your vegan business

How do you REALLY find more customers for your vegan business? If you are struggling with this question, then this line online seminar will take you right back to basics to find out. No more shooting in the dark not knowing what will work and no more being paralysed into inaction by too many options and platforms. Book your free place now.

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Website masterclass with Kakadu Creative

The first thing someone does when they hear about your business is check out your website. And what they find there will dictate what happens next. In this 60 minute masterclass with Kakadu Creative’s founder Kayleigh, we look at how you can get more out of your online presence, how to plan out a website and also what happened when Kakadu decided to change their own marketing message to lead with their veganism.

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Announcing our new video series: How to scale up

How do you scale up a business? How do you go from where you are now to breaking into the mass market? We’ve gone out and found the answers by talking to the companies who have done it. Join us for a series of 3 brilliant interviews with some amazing vegan business founders to learn how they scaled up.

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Behind the Scenes with Little Green Pigeon

Can you combine an animal sanctuary with a business? We go behind the scenes with Susan Joyce to find out how a serious accident led her to realign her career and set up a bird sanctuary – funded by a greetings card and gift company for people who can’t get enough of pigeons!

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