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Vote for Vegan Business Tribe!

The annual Vegfest Awards recognise the biggest and the best in the vegan sector and we are blown away to have made it onto shortlist for the best vegan business support award. We would love your vote!

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How to create a sales & marketing funnel

If you understand the journey your customers take before they buy from you and map out the steps that someone has to take to become a customer, then you can develop strategies to move people along those steps instead of just leaving it to chance. We take a deep-dive into sales and marketing funnels and how you can take control of your own.

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Our new book pre-register: Vegan Business Revolution

Announcing our new book: Vegan Business Revolution: How to succeed with your vegan business. Pre-register now for a specifal free-gift when the book launches in 2022.

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Why you hate selling and how to get over it

Why do so many of us absolutely hate selling and why does it feel like we’re trying to force our business on someone? Being vegan, we’re not usually afraid to push a cause – but promoting ourselves, our businesses or making money from the vegan sector seems to make some of us feel really uncomfortable! How do you get over that for the success of your business?

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How to get the most out of vegan fairs & markets

For some companies, vegan fairs are one of their main routes of selling their products to the public. Others do it to build an audience. But one of the main reasons to do your local fair is to get real one-on-one engagement with customers that you won’t get anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you sell a product or a service, let’s look at how you can make the most from taking your business to a vegan fair or market.

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Behind the Scenes with Vegan Accountants

When Keith Lesser’s family accountancy firm Lesser & Co gained a new vegan café as a client, Keith would never have guessed that six months later he’d be vegan himself and on his way to acquiring Vegan Accountants as a new department. Lisa talks to Keith about how his veganism encouraged him to align his personal ethics with his professional goals and how he helps vegan businesses.

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How to have a successful vegan podcast

How do you have a successful podcast? How do you find high-quality guests and how do you use a podcast to connect with more potential customers? To celebrate our 50th episode of The Vegan Business Tribe Podcast, David brings together three vegan podcasting legends to find out.

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Meat made from labradors? Meet Elwood’s Organic Dog Meat

We’re all familiar with the slogan ‘why love one type of animal but eat another?’ but Molly Elwood decided to take that one step further and launch a website and social media page that mimicked family-owned meat farms to highlight their hypocrisy.

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See our gallery from this weekend’s Clever Cotton vegan shop opening!

Lisa was overjoyed to be asked to open our member Samantha’s new vegan knitwear shop, Clever Cotton. See the photos from the ribbon-cutting ceremony here and see if you can spot special guest Tom Baker!

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Behind the Scenes with Refarm’d

Some people start a business, other people launch a mission. Lisa talks to Geraldine Starke about how she is helping dairy farmers convert to making plant-based milk – while at the same time changing their farms into sanctuaries so that their animals can live out their natural lives.

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