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We are eternally grateful to all our members. VBT was originally going to be a paid-for site – but when the Coronavirus hit we scrapped the membership fees so that we could help as many vegan businesses as possible through what was a really devastating time for many.  And we’re so glad we did, because the amount of feedback we’ve got from people who used the advice, and the many new friends we’ve made along the way, more than justified the decision.

In June we sent out a survey to our members about the future of VBT thinking we’d get a handful of responses, but we got over 100. This much feedback allowed us to plot a clear route to deliver what the vegan small business community wants and needs. Over the last few months we’ve been working hard in the background to deliver!  Because we made the site free as a result of the pandemic, we (Lisa and David) are currently self-funding Vegan Business Tribe through our other businesses activities.  One of the biggest bits of advice we give is no vegan business can be sustainable in the long-term if it doesn’t stand on its own two feet financially, and VBT is no different if we want to keep helping vegan businesses thrive!

  Pumpkin the Pig that Vegan Business Tribe sponsored earlier this year after interviewing Beneath the Wood Sanctuary

So, we’ve listened to what you want and need and now we’re excited to deliver it. This is why, from October 2020, we are launching the paid tier of Vegan Business Tribe for members who want more support, more opportunities to connect or just want to support our mission of helping people run successful, profitable vegan businesses which will take us closer to a vegan world. This paid tier of £12.99 per month will give you access to one of the biggest things our members said they wanted, our eighty-thousand word, 25 module ‘How to market your vegan business course‘ – taking the 35+ years of joint experience we have of marketing and building businesses and re-writing it all from a vegan business perspective. 

As a paid member you will also be invited to join our monthly VBT members’ Zoom video networking events and our live monthly Zoom Q&A with Lisa & David and other guest vegan business experts. You’ll also have full access to our Vegan Business Tribe member forums.

All our main content, our videos, our articles and our interviews, will remain free to access forever. We’ve seen they are helping too many people (in what is an uncertain time for many) to put those behind a paywall.  That’s why we’re now uploading all our videos to our new YouTube channel and will be launching our new Podcast from October.

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