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 What's holding you back? 

David is a vegan entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster and business coach. He has helped hundreds of businesses over his 20+ years career to grow, find more customers and make an impact. A former ambassador for The Chartered Institute of Marketing, David ran his own marketing and business growth agency for over 15 years.

David has consulted with some of the world’s biggest brands to help them understand the vegan marketplace. Now you can use his years of experience to help you take you and your vegan business to the next level.

 Coaching case study 

"I knew a lot about 'what' I should be doing, it was the ‘how’ I was getting stuck on"

Coral Sirett is a qualified nutritionist and the founder of Zest Health. After finding some initial success giving talks to businesses, she was struggling to convert that into a financially sustainable business model.

David worked with Coral to strip the business right back to basics: who are her potential customers and how do we find out what real problems they have that they will pay you to solve? Over the following months, Coral reached out and made new contacts, interviewed her potential customers to really understand them and discovered a whole new marketplace that she could serve.

Using David’s guidance on how to start conversations with larger businesses and how to build up her confidence, Coral has since started winning contracts and is currently building her profile as an expert on ‘gamifying’ health and wellness in the workplace and supporting menopause in business.

Coral said:

“I applied to be coached by David because I really wanted to know how I could push my business up a gear. I knew a lot about ‘what’ I should be doing, it was the ‘how’ I was getting stuck on. 

I knew my confidence wasn’t where it could be, and it was definitely holding me back. I am now getting business and a lot more enquiries by applying the strategies David helped me to develop. He made me go outside of my comfort zone and it’s reaping results! It has been such a worthwhile experience and I would recommend it to anyone.”

 How does it work? 

Initial goalsetting session

We start with a 90-minute one-on-one session on Zoom for you to give a complete ‘brain dump’ on your business, your problems, your goals, your earning needs, your frustrations, your successes to date and anything else you think is relevant!

To prompt this, you will receive a list of questions about where you and your business are right now. You can either bring the answers with you to this first session or send them ahead of time for us to get up to speed before we talk.

From this session we will set initial goals, find out if there are any quick initial wins to be had and start to prioritise the strategy for moving forwards.


Monthly coaching

We have a 60-minute session together on Zoom at the start of each month, and a 20-minute catch-up at the end of each month. (Note in month one, the first 60-minute session is replaced with the initial 90-minute session). In between these sessions, we will talk every week by email and direct message.

These sessions are equal parts mentoring, accountability and goal-setting. We will constantly evaluate your progress against the goals we’ve set, and not be afraid to change direction if we discover new information that will get you to that goal quicker.

After each session, you will leave with a list of tasks to complete, in order of priority, before the next session.


Email support

Just had a message from an exciting new potential client and don’t know how to respond? Hit a wall that’s going to stop you completing your tasks? Or just need to share an amazing win you’ve just had? When things come up between sessions, you can send David a message and ask for his advice.

 Coaching case study 

"You’ve given us the confidence to be ourselves in our small business."

Laura and Dave Felstead run Langtree Botanics, manufacturing luxurious plant-based candles, soaps, and wax melts. Although they were finding some success selling their candles at vegan marketplaces, they were struggling to really stand out against an overwhelming sea of companies making similar products.

David first helped Laura and Dave to get a handle on the company finances, so they knew exactly how much profit they made on each sale and which events were worth the time and effort. They then studied other companies that managed to stand out in crowded marketplaces, to identify how Langtree could reinvent their product to create a completely different kind of relationship with the customer (as well as embrace their own love for the dark and quirky!)

Laura said:

“David is such an excellent listener and extremely skilled at asking us (and equally getting us to ask ourselves) the right questions. He was able to point our business in a new, fun direction which we are really excited about and will make us stand out from a crowded market. We’re particularly grateful of his guidance to ensure we tested ideas thoroughly before taking any financial risk.

It’s been awesome having such a lovely person to be accountable to and championing our work. Amongst many things, David has given us the confidence to be ourselves in our small business. 

We would highly recommend the VBT business consultation to anyone who is struggling with the next steps of their business or who just needs a fresh view to help move their business forward.”

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The cost of coaching is £595 a month with an initial commitment to a 3 month programme. 

We know that this is an investment in both your self and your business and want to make sure that we’re a good fit for each other. So we invite anyone who is considering coaching to have a free 20-minute chat with David first to find out more.

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