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Scale-up: Miami Burger

Miami’s founder Tom Bursnall didn’t originally launch Miami Burger to make money. However they soon won an exclusive one year deal with Morrisons supermarket and a listing in Holland & Barrett. In this third in our series of scaling-up interviews, Tom shares Miami Food’s story of how they broke into large retailers.

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Scale-up: Better Nature Tempeh

Better Nature Tempeh hit their first 50 retailers within a couple of months of launching and were in 100 retailers within 6 months. In this second of our scaling up series, co-founder Chris King talks about how the company achieved such fast growth in their early years by embracing a testing culture.

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Scale-up: Fungtn Alcohol Free Beer

Fungtn was a pandemic lock-down start-up business, and the company’s founder Zoey Henderson used that time to take the product from idea to selling thousands of units a month in just one year. In this first episode of our scale-up series, Zoey tells us how she did it.

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