Business Clinic: 3rd November 2021 (afternoon)


Damian Sciberras – Short Stop Video
Gabriella Rubin – VegMi
Sarah Mordelt – Sarah’s Vegan Coaching

What we talk about:

  • Finding an efficient way to expand a franchise
  • How to prospect new retailers or clients, narrow them down, and how many to focus on at a time
  • Why it can be better to try and get into mutually beneficial relationships with other companies who are serving your ideal customers rather than sell directly to those ideal customers
  • Whether to coach vegans, or coach non-vegans who want to go vegan
  • Why it’s important to ask yourself who you really want to work with
  • Thinking through what you want to do with your business when you’re not sure
  • Eating for health
  • Starting a business almost by accident and whether to put time and energy into that as well as your current business
  • Why VAs often work really well collaborating together
  • Running multiple businesses at the same time
  • Why you need to ‘follow the customer’ when you’re making decisions about your business (but make sure you’re passionate about it too)
  • Making money from your knowledge rather than selling your time
  • Figuring out the value of your service and setting your prices
  • Creating a cheaper service or product as a taster to your upsell products or services
  • How to test a separate service without harming your brand
  • Using product videos
  • Creating repeat customers and encouraging them to refer people to you also

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