Business Clinic: 22nd September 2021 (morning session)


Amanda Nathaniel – Thrive For Life
Annette & Graham Henry – Henry & Henry
Bianca De Reus – Bianca De Reus

What we talk about:

  • How to move people from a free membership into a paid tier
  • Putting a free course on Udemi to raise your profile and funnel people into your website and your paid courses on your own systems
  • Running and launching online courses
  • How to get traction when you’re starting a membership site
  • Using your free content as a funnel into your paid content
  • Testing out different pricing to find out how much people will pay for your services or product
  • Giving enough information to ensure people value you and what you represent when you’re selling your lifestyle
  • How to communicate what you do when you offer multiple services which are quite different
  • Using the outcomes in your marketing messages rather than leading with the service or product
  • The importance of getting feedback from people who go through your new course
  • Authoring a book about your expertise and using that as a tool to add credibility and encourage people into your marketing funnel
  • Using our Vegan Business Tribe Community Hub on Slack to ask questions and get help with your business
  • What to do when you’ve got two sides to your business and that means you’re almost running
  • What you can learn from testing your business ideas and getting feedback from your customers
  • Using feedback, demand and your audience to shape your business
  • Following your passion and why that’s important to your business
  • Why lengthy business plans can hinder your business rather than help it

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