Business Clinic: 22nd September 2021 (afternoon session)


Coral McCloud – Rebel Mumma
Damian Sciberras – Short Stop Video Production
Donna Zeigfinger – Green Earth Travel LLC
Hayley Cooper – Wild Dreams Hospitality

What we talk about:

  • Creating a digital pitch for a freelance job for a major company
  • Creating a story for a documentary project
  • The importance of having a central person in a story piece and creating emotional connections
  • The potential for monetising your digital groups and communities
  • Keeping people inspired whilst the travel industry is still moving slowly during the pandemic
  • Keeping yourself motivated and inspired
  • The benefits of starting a podcast
  • Setting goals, organising your week, and keeping track of what you’ve achieved
  • Using a to do board digitally – Trello
  • Keeping a ‘wins’ file
  • Working our your niche and making sure you’re passionate about it
  • Specialising in the therapy sector
  • Deciding whether to change your niche
  • Being successful in your niche by doing the research your potential clients can’t or won’t do
  • What to do when you don’t have the time or money to build a new company in full – do you wait, or start in whatever way you can?
  • If there isn’t a market yet for your potential company in your current country, but you know there will be in the future, whether to wait, or start trialling it out in a country where there is current demand

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