Business Clinic: 21st April 2021


Heather Landex – Heather Landex ApS
Jessica Parrish – Shedid & Parrish
Karen Lee – The Sensitive Foodie
Victoria Carpenter – Happy Carrot Skincare

What we talk about:

  • How to choose what to focus on and what the next step is for your business
  • How to assess the messages your brand is leading with
  • The benefits of transparency regarding simplicity of ingredients
  • How to communicate the value and benefits of your service to potential customers
  • Making sure your message directly relates to the problem your customer is trying to solve
  • The benefits of catering for allergy sufferers as well as vegans
  • What to do when your business is a bit static
  • How to choose your next challenge
  • How to define and reach your audience and potential customers
  • Making sure you’re creating and implementing your marketing funnel
  • Why it’s important to forge personal connections with your customers
  • The importance of focus and momentum, and prioritising rather than burning out

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