Business clinic: 15th December 2021 (afternoon)

Hayley Cooper – Wild Dreams Hospitality
Ingrid Geertsema – Get Health Coached
Pelagia Komni – Greek Appetite
What we talk about:
  • What someone might want to see or consume from The Country Vegan
  • Sharing your love of the countryside and how you might be able to monetise that
  • Vegan experiences and how they attract non-vegans
  • Attracting an audience and then working out what they want from you
  • Whether to start doing email marketing, how often to send emails, and how to structure them
  • What to do when you’ve transitioned to leading your business with vegan but your historical email list is not vegan
  • Dealing with unsubscribes from your email list
  • Whether to segment your email list
  • Don’t wait until it’s perfect or you’ll never start
  • Evaluating who is interacting with your emails and what to do about the really active ones
  • Creating digital products like cooking classes, courses, online coaching and cooking books
  • Avoiding overwhelm and making sure you focus on your passion
  • Why you might want to put your book on Amazon as well as sell direct from your website
  • If you don’t know what to do next then ask your audience
  • The concept of connectedness and how to create a business and course around it

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