Behind the Scenes with Root Minerals

Root Minerals is a cosmetic company founded on love. We talk with Jay Bharj about how they may not test on animals, but ‘testing on the wife’ still continues!

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Your tag-line for Root Minerals is ‘inspired by love’, so what’s the story behind the brand?

It was truly inspired by love many years ago! My wife Amy was suffering with really sensitive skin. When she put make-up on, it usually resulted in some sort of reaction like an outbreak of spots or itchiness. It made me question what actually goes into these damn products! Me being me, I decided to jump in and find a solution, setting me on a mission to create the perfect foundation. I also wondered if other people suffered too, so I asked a whole bunch of people and realised that many did. So I knew there was an opportunity to help others including my wife.

Our family values, great products, personal touch and keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do has helped us to deliver excellence and add value wherever we can.

Did you already have a background in chemistry or cosmetics? What skills did you need to learn?

I have had a passion for chemistry ever since I was a kid. My first chemistry set was from Toys R Us (I’m giving my age away now!). I loved mixing stuff up and was fascinated with colours, pops and bangs! However, I never took it to a degree level and cosmetic chemistry is a bit different to the stuff we learn in school. I decided to get help by collaborating with experts in their fields and worked with chemists and labs, playing about until I was happy we had something suitable for Amy’s skin.

In the early days, countless time was spent ‘testing on the wife’ with turmeric powder and all sorts. Along the journey, I discovered a great deal about the industry – from t-zones and skin chromosome structures to makeup formulation and, more shockingly, how cruel some of the practices were. This led me onto developing the whole range, not just foundation.

The knowledge and skills along the process helped me find her perfect skin match, which is our shade we call ‘Peanut’ in case you were wondering. People often ask us about our lovely product names, especially the lipsticks and eyeshadows, and naming is a super fun process. Each one inspired by our love of nature and adventures around the world. It made it a long and thoughtful process, but after all, who wants boring numbers for their products?

We are proudly 100% vegan and against animal testing. However, testing on the wife still continues and she really enjoys it!


Do you think people would be surprised if they knew what went into many commercial cosmetics?

Ohh absolutely! As a leader in the industry, we help educate and empower people to make better and kinder choices. There are many stories about the dangers of nano particles which enter the bloodstream through the skin, and heavy metals, parabens and toxin which have no business being in cosmetics. We’re living in a modern world with amazing technology around us and many commercial brands still use outdated processes.

It’s a shame, but because they are accountable to shareholders and investors I guess their bottom line and profits are the main drive and leads to cheaper ingredients and shortcuts.

We see in our own data that people are actively searching for ‘vegan’, ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘natural organic’ makeup.

You have 36 shades of foundation and more than 50 different shades of eye shadow – why was launching with such a large tonal range important?

Kindness, compassion and love has driven us to create a brand that truly delivers outstanding quality and high performance cosmetics for all skin types and undertones, no matter what your background or style.

Being from a Sikh background, we have many skin types and undertones from light to medium, tanned and deeper tones. We are an inclusive brand and want everyone to benefit from Root Minerals. Together we can create a kinder world.


How important is it to your customers that your range is vegan and cruelty-free? Is it something they say they care about?

In the early days when we launched at Olympia Beauty it was very unheard of. We would spend a lot of time trying to explain it. Now it’s totally different. People see our certification and buy based on our integrity and are grateful that we are pioneering the way.

In the last few years, the movement has been strong, especially with influencers and celebrities shining light on the sector. We see this in our own data too, we can see that people are actively searching for ‘vegan’, ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘natural organic’ makeup.

You’re always expanding your lines – where do you get your ideas from and what are you going to develop next?

Most of my inspiration comes from nature walks and our travels around the world. Amy and I have a passion for travelling, adventure and exploring. Usually, I disconnect from the world once a week to reflect and usually the greatest ideas and innovation come to me when I’m lost deep in the forest somewhere.

Speaking with industry professionals and talented creatives who align with our values (mixed with my adventures and getting lost in beautiful places!) perhaps might be the magic behind Root Minerals! So what’s next? Perhaps a skin care range, accessories and some limited edition colours, who knows?!

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