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How to collaborate with other vegan businesses: with Katrina Fox

Vegan businesses can achieve so much more when we work together. Katrina Fox is a celebrated vegan author, journalist, PR guru, podcaster and business mentor. In this 30 minute interview, we talk to Katrina about how vegan businesses can better collaborate to help us all further the vegan business cause.

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023 – How to get motivated​

You can’t just sit there waiting for motivation to happen. Because it just doesn’t, that’s not how it works. David looks at how you can trick your brain to motivate itself and then use techniques such as accountability groups to keep you going.

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How big is the marketplace for a vegan business?

You may have been told that vegan is too much of a fad to launch into, or it’s too small a marketplace to grow a successful business. But what’s the truth about that, and if that’s the case why are so many vegan businesses growing so quickly right now? Let’s take a look at how big the marketplace is for a vegan business or service.

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How Happy Carrot Skincare hit their crowdfunding target​

Victoria from Happy Carrot Skincare was the second of our members on our Crowdfunding programme to hit their funding goal. Her campaign received a surge of donations in the last few days before the deadline, so we talk to Victoria to find out exactly what activity she did to hit her target, what she learned and what she would change if she did it all again.

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