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How can you help Vegan Business Tribe?

There are lots of ways you can help our growing community, from telling other vegan businesses about VBT to helping us organise a virtual meet-up with other local vegan businesses in your area. David explains how you can get more involved, and promote your own vegan business at the same time.

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How to be a vegan activist: with John Awen

For many of us, starting a vegan business is a way of furthering the vegan cause by aligning our passion with how we make a living. But what if you want to go further than that? Is it possible to be a full time vegan activist when you still have bills to pay? We ask one of the country’s most prolific vegan speakers, John Awen.

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Why you need to be on LinkedIn as a vegan professional

You may think LinkedIn isn’t for you – but before you skip over this article you need to know that LinkedIn is a hub of vegan activity. It can give you the best chance to connect with executives at larger companies that you can’t access through other channels, as well as collaborate with other vegan professionals.

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