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019 – Live: Taboos we don’t talk about in business

We talk a lot about success, but what about the taboos in business that EVERYONE goes through but few talk about? Business failure, debt, mental health pressures, hidden disabilities… We bring together three successful vegan entrepreneurs to have an honest discussion.

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How Kevin Newell built a vegan alternative to ‘pest control’​

From mice in your kitchen to foxes in your garden, Kevin Newell will have the solution to solve the problem with the least impact on the animal. In this interview, Kevin shares how he views the animal as his clients as much as his human customers and tells David how he built a successful vegan alternative to ‘pest control’ with a strict no-kill and humane capture policy.

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Crowdfunder meetup: 5th March 2021

In 2021, we took 20 of our members through a group crowdfunding programme with Crowdfunder UK. Watch back this second support meet-up where we catch up with our cohort to help them with their campaigns.

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Business Clinic: 3rd March 2021

Business Clinic: 3rd March 2021 More business clinics… See events archive Business Clinic: 10th March 2021 Watch Business Clinic: 3rd March 2021 Watch Business Clinic:

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