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Business Clinic: 4th August 2021

Business Clinic: 4th August 2021 Featuring: Amanda Nathaniel – Thrive For LifeJC De Klerk – Air Safaris 269Kayleigh Nicolaou – Kakadu CreativeSaman Ali –

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How to have a better website: with Kayleigh Nicolaou, Kakadu Creative

The first thing someone does when they hear about your business is check out your website. And what they find there will dictate what happens next. In this 60 minute masterclass with Kakadu Creative’s founder Kayleigh, we look at how you can get more out of your online presence, how to plan out a website and also what happened when Kakadu decided to change their own marketing message to lead with their veganism.

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Member Networking: 23rd July 2021

Member Networking: 23rd July 2021 More networking events…​ See events archive Member Networking: 8th July 2021 Watch Member Networking: 18th June 2021 Watch Member Networking:

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