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Are you part of the Vegan Business Revolution?!

Apply to be interviewed on our new podcast series.

Vegan Business Revolution is our new audio-only podcast series to accompany our new book of the same name. In each episode, our founder David will interview a different Vegan Business Tribe member for 20 minutes about what they do and how their own vegan journey connects with their business mission.

No scripting, no pre-amble, no editing, with a cut off point at exactly 20 minutes! Our aim is to showcase the diversity of the vegan business scene and we want you to be on the show.

We are looking for six Vegan Business Tribe members to appear in the first season. The more unique your company is the more chance you’ll have of getting your business on the show – but don’t worry if you’re not selected first time round because we’re already planning a second season!

Open to current paying Vegan Business Tribe members only.

How to apply

Application will take about 5 minutes. To be applicable to feature on Vegan Business Revolution:

1. You must be a current Vegan Business Tribe member

2. You must be vegan yourself

3. Your business must have been going for at least 6 months

4. You must have a strong and stable internet connection and be able to record clear audio

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