Apply to be part of major new TV show: The Big Food & Drink Pitch

We have been approached by South Shore Productions looking for Britain’s best undiscovered food or drink producers to feature in their new TV series: The Big Food & Drink Pitch.

Apply before April 8th to make your business part of this major new show that comes with a life-changing prize and may see your product on shelves across the UK.

Watch the short video above where David talks to Ben, casting producer of the new TV series.

Do you think you have one of Britain’s next big food & drink products?  South Shore Productions are the producers of major TV shows such as Cooking With The Stars and The Hairy Bikers, and they have reached out to Vegan Business Tribe looking for applicants for their major new show: The Big Food & Drink Pitch (working title!).

This new show is being developed in collaboration with one of the UK’s biggest food and drink retailers which will culminate in the winning company receiving a life-changing prize and the opportunity of getting their product on shelves across the country.

South Shore are especially excited in having manufacturers of vegan products apply but are also looking for unique products that have a story behind them (this is for a TV show after all).  Watch the video above for more information and details of what kinds of businesses they are looking for.

Fill out the initial application form online here before 8th April 2022:

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