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Our Community Hub is exclusive to our paid members

Want to connect with hundreds of your fellow vegan business owners and get support from our vegan business experts Lisa & David?  All Vegan Business Tribe members get exclusive access to our community hub on Slack.

No, this isn't like a WhatsApp or Facebook group!

If you haven’t used Slack before – this isn’t like a WhatsApp or Facebook group!  Slack is a business communication and collaboration tool that you can use on your phone or desktop.  It’s more focused than a group chat with each conversation in its own thread and gives you instant access to other Vegan Business Tribe members.

You can control what notifications you get, each conversation or question is kept to its own thread so you won’t have to trawl through messages to find what you are looking for, and you can jump between desktop and mobile seamlessly.

It’s also our main communication tool between members as well as being the place to go if you’ve got a question you would like to put out to the community or to Lisa & David.

How to join the Vegan Business Tribe Slack group

If you want to know how to use Slack then check out this quick start guide here.

If you're not on our Community Hub then you're missing out on at least half of everything that's happening at VBT!

If you already have a Slack account using the email address you signed up to Vegan Business Tribe with, then instead of receiving an invitation you will be automatically added to the Vegan Business Tribe Community Hub.

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