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Need to learn how to get your business in the news? Want to know how to be a better speaker and presenter? Thinking of writing a book or launching a podcast? Let our vegan experts show you how!  Over 20 hours of video!

Katrina Fox


More than 30 live sessions & masterclasses recorded by our guest vegan business expert, Katrina Fox.

Guides & articles

Our continuing collection of written guides and articles giving you great advice on how to run a successful vegan business! Written by our founder and vegan business guru David Pannell.


Tribe Live was the UK’s first Vegan Business Conference. Two days, twenty speakers and panellists, one business mission. See the playback from all the live recordings here.

How to scale up

Video series

How do you scale up a vegan business? How do go from where you are now to breaking into the mass market? We’ve gone out and found the answers by talking to the companies who have done it.

Over three hours of video content, interviewing the founders of three vegan companies who have gone from an idea, to getting stocked across the country, to getting stocked in supermarkets and beyond. Find out how they did it and what all three had in common.


Video resource centre

In 2021, we teamed up with Crowdfunder UK to take a group of our members through their first crowdfunders.

In this collection you can watch all the support resources we created, including a special workshop with Crowdfunder UK, follow-up interviews with our members who hit their targets to find out how they did it, and links to everyone’s crowdfunding pages for you to learn from.

Behind the scenes with...

Interviews in collaboration with vegan Food & Living Magazine

Every month we interview one of our Tribe members for Vegan Food & Living Magazine, the UK’s biggest and best-selling vegan publication. Read the full, unabridged archive of interviews with over 20 vegan businesses as we go behind the scenes with the best in the sector.

Business clinic archive

Video resource centre

Whilst we were growing Vegan Business Tribe, Lisa and David ran weekly small group business clinics with our members. As our membership grew, we moved to running these twice a week to try and keep up with demand, eventually replacing them with our new group business clinics so that more members could join! We have kept the archive of original business clinic recordings here for you to watch back and learn from.

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