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Ian and Cathy Haywood of band BFriendly use their love of reggae music to promote the vegan cause. Lisa caught up with Ian during their 'Peace Love & Reggae' tour to find out how they use music as their form of activism.
For many, looking to grow a business means taking on more staff. But if you get it wrong, employing people can also be a nightmare. David looks at how to get it right!
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Once we understand what procrastination is and why we experience it, we can take steps to start to eliminate it from our lives, leading to feeling less stressed and more focused on what is really important.
Failing is an important part of succeeding. Listen to any successful entrepreneur’s story and it will be a list of the missteps, failures and lessons that eventually led to that success. But how do you know when it’s time to give up on your business and move on to something new?
If you view your vegan business as your activism, then you owe it to the cause to become better at speaking and communicating.
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The vegan sector is a fast-moving market. But if only 3-5% of the population identifies as vegan, then why are so many companies investing in vegan products and services? Watch this live recording as David gives our Vegan Sector Update for 2022.
The idea of a recession can be scary, but no matter how good the economic outlook is you will still see companies fail - and no matter how bad the economy is, some people will be making more money than they ever have before.
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In this masterclass, Georgia Bamber, former success coach turned NFT consultant, will introduce you to the world of blockchain and Web 3.0 with a focus on NFTs.
Join us live as we talk to Heather Mills, Joey Carbstrong, Dave & Steve from The Happy Pear and many more!
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Ray Star is the author of the Earthlings trilogy, young-adult fantasy fiction with a vegan message at its core. Lisa talks to Ray about her journey as an author and writing fiction as a form of activism.
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Kathleen has been on both sides of the mic well over 1,000 times. Join Kathleen Gage as she pulls back the curtain on How to Become a Rockstar Podcast Guest!
We often think about our strategy for the next six months, but what can you do that will move your business forward in the next 24 hours?


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How to get customers

Is getting new customers the main problem holding your business back? Join David in this intimate 8-part 4-hour video course as he goes right back to the basics of understanding how people buy, how to set up a sales and marketing funnel and how to take a customer over the line.

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