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I'm going to convince you why you need to be on LinkedIn as a vegan business owner or vegan professional, and the secret code that vegans use on LinkedIn to find each other.
You may have been told that vegan is too small a marketplace to grow a successful business. But what's the truth about that?
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Website design trends come and go, so in this masterclass Kayleigh’s going to share some tips and tricks to help make sure that your site is delivering peak results for your business.
The reason why some businesses fail and others succeed often comes down to one simple common element: the attitude and determination of the person running it.
What's going to be the next big thing in vegan, and what are the future trends you should be aware of if you have a vegan business? (Part 2)
What's going to be the next big thing in vegan, and what are the future trends you should be aware of if you have a vegan business? (Part 1)
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If you have visited a vegan fair there’s a good chance you will have seen a Viva La Vegan clothing stand. Or you may have seen a number of animal activists proudly wearing the Viva La Vegan brand. Lisa talks to founder Jay Charlton about how she created a brand that embraces fashion as activism.
To build a successful business, you need a group of followers who absolutely cannot live without your product or who believe in your vegan mission.
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Are you wondering how to raise finance for your business? Should you launch a crowdfunding campaign, should you get a bank loan, or maybe you should try and attract an investor? Recorded live at VegfestUK 2020, David brings together three experts in funding to answer all your questions about how to fund a vegan business.
Every January, hundreds of thousands of people sign up for the Veganuary challenge. What does this mean for your vegan business and how do you leverage it to reach more customers?
One of the biggest questions we get asked at VBT is 'How do I get my business OUT THERE?' So join us for a vegan PR masterclass with Caroline from Eden Green PR.
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The link between the food on a child's plate and the animal that it was is often hidden (do we even need to mention dinosaur meat and unicorn nuggets?) and finding positive children’s characters that talk about veganism is hard.  Tina has made the perfect book for both vegan and non-vegan children, and in this interview she shares all her experience of self-publishing - from finding an illustrator to how she has dealt with opposition from non-vegan parents.


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How to get customers

Is getting new customers the main problem holding your business back? Join David in this intimate 8-part 4-hour video course as he goes right back to the basics of understanding how people buy, how to set up a sales and marketing funnel and how to take a customer over the line.

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