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Lisa talks to Zoey Henderson about how she turned her love for functional mushrooms into a thriving craft-ale business, and answers the two questions on everyone's mind when they hear about a beer made from fungus: does it taste like mushrooms, and will it get you high?!
Why do so many of us absolutely HATE selling and how do you get over it? In this episode, David takes a look at how you can reframe 'selling' into 'helping' - because if your product genuinely solves someone's problem then it's your duty to help them become a customer.
For some companies, vegan fairs are one of their main routes of selling their products to the public, others do it to build an audience, but one of the main reasons to do your local fair is to get real one-on-one engagement with customers that you won't get anywhere else.
How do you crowdfund a vegan business? How easy is it and what does it take to hit your target? The truth is less than 25% of crowdfunding campaigns are successful. 10% of campaigns don’t receive a single pledge.
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Following a cancer diagnosis, Dr Laura Freeman found overwhelming evidence that a plant-based diet reduced a person's cancer risk, could treat high cholesterol and reverse type 2 diabetes. Lisa talks to Laura about how this revelation led to her transition from being a GP to setting up Plant Based Health Online.
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Vegan businesses can achieve so much more when we work together. Katrina Fox is a celebrated vegan author, journalist, PR guru, podcaster and business mentor. In this 30 minute interview, we talk to Katrina about how vegan businesses can better collaborate to help us all further the vegan business cause.
You can't just sit there waiting for motivation to happen. Because it just doesn't, that's not how it works. David looks at how you can trick your brain to motivate itself and then use techniques such as accountability groups to keep you going.
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Liz Douglas multiplied her following almost 10x to 103k in just 3 months (and it keeps on growing).
To celebrate our first year anniversary, David tells the story of where Vegan Business Tribe came from, how it grew so quickly, and how testing the concept proved that all our assumptions about what we THOUGHT people wanted were utterly and completely wrong!
You may have been told that vegan is too much of a fad to launch into, or it’s too small a marketplace to grow a successful business. But what’s the truth about that, and if that’s the case why are so many vegan businesses growing so quickly right now? Let's take a look at how big the marketplace is for a vegan business or service.
Would you launch a business if you had no idea how much it cost to make your product? No, of course not. So why would you launch a business without spending the same time working out how much it was actually going to cost you to get a customer?
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Victoria from Happy Carrot Skincare was the second of our members on our Crowdfunding programme to hit their funding goal. Her campaign received a surge of donations in the last few days before the deadline, so we talk to Victoria to find out exactly what activity she did to hit her target, what she learned and what she would change if she did it all again.


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How to get customers

Is getting new customers the main problem holding your business back? Join David in this intimate 8-part 4-hour video course as he goes right back to the basics of understanding how people buy, how to set up a sales and marketing funnel and how to take a customer over the line.

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