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What's getting in the way of you launching your own business? Is it a lack of time, is it a lack of money, or do you just not know how to do it? I'm joined by business coach Trevor Banerjee where we discuss the realities of starting your own business.
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In this interactive skills-based webinar training, renowned vegan psychologist and communications trainer Clare Mann will explore what it takes to communicate powerfully during times of crisis and hone our leadership skills to create positive outcomes.
How do you get someone excited about your business when you've only got a really short amount of time to explain what you do? Maybe you've got 60 seconds to introduce your company at a networking event. Or perhaps you've got just the time it takes an elevator to go between two floors to tell your dream contact what it is you do. What do you say?!
Ever wondered why apples are so shiny? Ever wondered what alcohol is filtered through? Ever thought about how they get refined sugar so white? Animal-derived products and ingredients have permeated every corner of our world. They are cheap, they are gruesome and often they are hidden – and it’s your duty to make sure they don’t get into your products.
We follow-up with two of our members on the back of their successful crowdfunding campaigns.  David finds out how they decided how much money to raise, how they kept the momentum going through their campaigns and what they would do differently if they were trying to hit bigger targets.
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Laura from Primary Veducation is on a mission to help schools be more inclusive for vegan children. And as a successful participant of our recent crowdfunding programme, Laura found (unlike our other members) that the majority of her backers were people she had no previous connection with. So just how did Laura buck the crowdfunding trend and get supported by complete strangers?
Do you ever feel like a fraud? Are you worried someone is going to find you out? Do you have an internal voice always questioning if you’re good enough? If so, this is something we really need to talk about. Because it’s not something that is unique to you – it’s called ‘Imposter Syndrome’.
If you think you are already a niche company just because you are a vegan company then I'm afraid you're at least five years too late. 'Vegan' is just the sector you are in and if you want to find your niche, then you are going to have to dig deeper.
1 in 5 people in the UK cut down on eating meat as a result of the pandemic. What does that mean for the meat industry? What does it mean for consumer buying behaviour? And what does it mean for your vegan business?
What is a marketing funnel, and how do you create one to get more customers? If you understand the journey your customers take before they buy then you can develop strategies to move people along those steps instead of just leaving it to chance.
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Vegan Speaking Skills Coach Steven Trister founded The Speaking Revolution after spending 14 years as a professional comedy actor.  In this 40 minute workshop, Steven shows David how anyone can improve their speaking and why the biggest changes you can make is those in your head.
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Purpose-led businesses and vegan business founders usually find it easy to demonstrate their purpose to a small audience. Vegans love vegan businesses and support them. But commercially, to grow and become a category leader, a vegan business needs to attract many more non-vegans.


New video course

How to get customers

Is getting new customers the main problem holding your business back? Join David in this intimate 8-part 4-hour video course as he goes right back to the basics of understanding how people buy, how to set up a sales and marketing funnel and how to take a customer over the line.

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