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Better Nature Tempeh hit their first 50 retailers within a couple of months of launching and were in 100 retailers within 6 months. In this second of our scaling up series, co-founder Chris King talks about how the company achieved such fast growth in their early years by embracing a testing culture.
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Fungtn was a pandemic lock-down start-up business, and the company’s founder Zoey Henderson used that time to take the product from idea to selling thousands of units a month in just one year. In this first episode of our scale-up series, Zoey tells us how she did it.
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Can you combine an animal sanctuary with a business? We go behind the scenes with Susan Joyce to find out how a serious accident led her to realign her career and set up a bird sanctuary - funded by a greetings card and gift company for people who can’t get enough of pigeons!
We take you to a live vegan business clinic with four Vegan Business Tribe members. Four members, one problem or question each and let's see if we can answer them!
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In the face of jobs lost, businesses going under, the threat of economic collapse, breakdown of relationships, and the uncertainty of a ‘new world order’ how do you achieve your goals?
Building a successful business is like running an obstacle course, with each obstacle just being another problem you need to overcome. But if you don’t have the right mental attitude to learn how to overcome each obstacle as you hit it, then you will join the majority of the population who get stuck or just give up. 
If you promote your business on social media, then at some point you will get someone writing an anti-vegan comment. Should you just delete these comments or should you try to engage with them to bust some vegan myths and plant some seeds?
Lots of the words, phrases and metaphors we use in business have some very non-vegan origins. For example, should we be comfortable talking about our 'brand' when the term originates from burning a mark of ownership into the skin of an animal?
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Research has shown that 64% of the UK's workforce have aspirations to set up their own business but the vast majority of people remain as employees. David is joined by business coach Trevor Banerjee (who left behind his own corporate career) to talk about the realities of going from being employed to launching your own vegan business.
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Travelling can always cause a worry for vegans without local knowledge of where to find good plant-based food. Lisa talks to Emma Fry about how she took her love of adventure, food and touring the world to create her Vegan Adventure Holidays business, and how she kept the business alive during a pandemic.
How do you find, approach and work with a vegan influencer to promote your business? And what will they want in return? An influencer is just someone who has brought together an audience of people who are interested in a specific topic, and if you find the right influencer, they may be the conduit to a perfect ready-made audience for your business.
How does a company that subverted the dairy industry now have the same people who championed their mission calling for a boycott of their product? And can a company scale up and grow whilst still getting all the ethical decisions right?


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