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Finding customers is the lifeblood of any vegan business In this 45 minute live masterclass with follow-on Q&A, Vegan Business Tribe founder and former Chartered Institute of Marketing Ambassador David Pannell delves into the art of finding more customers.
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Can you take the skills you already have and use them to align your vegan passion with how you make a living? Damian from Short Stop Video shares how a significant health scare led to him reconsider the direction of his business. Read how Damian transitioned from being a standard videographer to making films for companies who want to change the world!
Grab your tent and join Lisa and David live from Vegan Camp Out as they introduce you to some of the amazing names in vegan business they met at the event - and share what they learned from the weekend's headline guests: Joey Carbstrong, Chris Packham and Russell Brand.
Emailing marketing can produce a reliable stream of new customers, but not if you go about it in the wrong way. David takes a look at how email marketing really works and how you can use it to nurture your contacts into customers.
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Are you wracked with self-doubt every time you encounter something new? Then you might be suffering from Imposter Syndrome.
Sometimes the best way to get yourself out there is to do literally that! In this episode we look at the different ways you can get your company noticed by moving away from both your computer keyboard and your comfort zone.
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Louis Sandford recently made the news when he took to the street wearing a simple cardboard sign to promote his vegan greetings card company. What started out as a bit of budget promotion escalated into a viral social campaign and an interview on his local BBC radio station. David talks to Louis to find out what impact the stunt had on his business.
Chocolate giant Cadbury recently caused uproar when they updated the ingredients on their 'Bournville Giant Chocolate Buttons' to include milk. But Cadbury says they haven't changed the actual recipe - the milk has always been there due to heavy cross-contamination. So what does this mean for other 'accidentally vegan' products?
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The first thing someone does when they hear about your business is check out your website. And what they find there will dictate what happens next. In this 60 minute masterclass with Kakadu Creative's founder Kayleigh, we look at how you can get more out of your online presence, how to plan out a website and also what happened when Kakadu decided to change their own marketing message to lead with their veganism.
It's easy to get stuck in the trap of working longer and longer hours until you get to the point where you feel that you can't keep going, but you can't afford to take time off to recharge either. How do you prevent this, and what do you do if you're already there?
When you talk to the founders of vegan companies who have successfully scaled up their businesses, you start to see a lot in common with how they did it. We look at how three vegan businesses successfully scaled up and what we can learn from how they did it.
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Miami’s founder Tom Bursnall didn’t originally launch Miami Burger to make money. However they soon won an exclusive one year deal with Morrisons supermarket and a listing in Holland & Barrett. In this third in our series of scaling-up interviews, Tom shares Miami Food's story of how they broke into large retailers.


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How to get customers

Is getting new customers the main problem holding your business back? Join David in this intimate 8-part 4-hour video course as he goes right back to the basics of understanding how people buy, how to set up a sales and marketing funnel and how to take a customer over the line.

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