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New research from The Vegan Society shows that children are 50% more likely to be vegan than adults, so why is this new sector currently so under-served?
David and Jim answer all your questions to help you launch the next big vegan podcast!
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Can your vegan company claim back thousands from your Government for the research or product development your company may have done? And before you say your company doesn't do R&D - don't be too quick to jump to that conclusion.
David explains where your feelings of fear come from and how to overcome them so that they don't hold your business back.
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At five years old, Harry Bidewell has his own vegan merchandise and juicing business called Vegan Squirrel, whose motto is: Be Kind. Have Fun. Lisa speaks with Harry’s dad Mark to find out how Harry brought together both business and activism at such a young age.
Your job as a business founder is to prove (or disprove) an idea as quickly as possible so that you can save your time, money and energy for the things that work - and move on quickly to the next thing if they don’t.
In business you're unlikely to get everything right on your first attempt, so learn to embrace a testing culture.
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As the line between ‘social’ and ‘business’ media becomes more blurred every day: Should you be embracing your professional or social inner-vegan?
Days from the end of his crowdfunding campaign, Andrew had almost no backers and only a week to save his project. How did he do it?
Days from the end of his crowdfunding campaign, Andrew Alexander had almost no backers and only a week to save his project. In this interview, David asks Andrew how he managed to raise $10k to fund his vegan documentary.
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Steve Hutchins and his partner made it their mission to create freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced plant-based organic dog food (with a Michelin-star chef!) to disrupt the meat-based dog food industry.
How maintaining a cashflow forecast lets you avoid those financial icebergs that can sink your business.


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