Some kind words from our members about what Vegan Business Tribe means to them

What do our members say?

"We’d have never looked at our business strategy as hard if it hadn’t been for the push from you two. It’s been a total game changer."

Kayleigh Nicolaou,
Kakadu Creative, UK

"Your advice really gave us a wake up call. You guys made us recognise the value of what we are doing."

Jackie Norman,
Vegan FTA, New Zealand

"You have built something valuable and unique that is relevant to vegan business owners anywhere in the world."

Annette & Graham Henry,
Henry & Henry, Germany

"It’s like we’re now part of this new big family. It’s so good that you do this! We were blown away by our session with you."

Ed & Natasha,
BReD, Canada

Is it too much to say I love you guys?!?!?!

“We’d have never looked at our business strategy as hard if it hadn’t been for the push from you two. It’s been a total game changer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  We are sitting down to go through some more planning and strategising and this has just made our lives so much easier.

It’s so exciting to see how big the Tribe is getting and to be a part of it. Huge congratulations to Lisa and David for creating something brilliant.

Kayleigh Nicolaou
Kakadu Creative

My session with Lisa & David was definitely one of the most productive Zoom calls I’ve ever had.  I am so glad we could get to know each other and bounce some great ideas. Thank you to you both! (PS – I went through the back catalogue of VBT podcasts so quickly that it’s now a waiting game until the next one is released!!)

Callum Weir

Thank you so much for your amazingly valuable time! Just wanted to let you know your advice really gave us a wake-up call! Also, I approached the contact you suggested for and we are having a Zoom brainstorm together next month!  All because you guys made us wake up and recognise the value of what we are doing. Thank you so much!

Jackie Norman
Vegan FTA

I made the move from a franchise business to going solo and was worried about not having a network of support. I’ve never known such an incredible bunch of people who genuinely want to see you succeed. Thanks Lisa and David for all you do to help us survive and thrive.

Cathryn Remmington
Full Focus Clinic

Damian Sciberras
Short Stop Video Production

I really enjoy the member networking sessions. It’s such a pleasure to be in a ‘room’ of like-minded people and not have to explain where you’re coming from, unlike the other online networking I do. One of the biggest reasons I’m a member is that you both give off the feeling that anything is possible and can be achieved. Which is just what I need! Thanks to David and Lisa for creating such a fabulous community

Karen Lee
The Sensitive Foodie

BRILLIANT!! If you run a vegan business and you’re not signed up to their tribe, or listen to their podcast, seriously get to it, you will learn SO MUCH in such an enjoyable way! I listen to it on their website while I’m working, or when I’m out and about I listen on Spotify. Do it! You won’t regret it!

Susan Joyce
Little Green Pigeon

We love Vegan Business Tribe!  It’s great to feel part of an understanding community. I was a little daunted at the prospect of a ‘networking’ event, but my fears were unfounded.  VBT is very different from my preconceived notions of the corporate business world. Thank you for creating something really special.

Annette Henry
Henry & Henry

Annette and I have been members for several months now and it’s one of the best things we could have done. We’ve met some amazing people and really look forward to the networking sessions!!

Graham Henry
Henry & Henry

I LOVE what you are doing and the community. It’s my fave community at this moment and I think it’s because of David and you. You have wonderful personalities that draw us to you, you represent what we represent, you’re friendly, joyful, committed, organised, and lead by great example. Truly inspiring!

Pauliina Salmenhaara
Living Food Labs, Bali

Signing up to Vegan Business Tribe was one of the best things I ever did. I genuinely feel part of a community and the love and support is immeasurable!

I can’t even begin to say what you’ve done for me – not just professionally but personally too, with your networking and workshops bringing us together as a community. I can’t thank you enough.

Samantha Barker
Clever Cotton

After being a member for about 10 days I already had major shifts in my thinking. Upliness is going to be a much better membership site because of this. Thanks so much.

Jane Thurnell-Read

Thanks for being so engaging, direct and empowering. I’m not sure I would have so much energy after doing a day of Zoom calls with new members! Who would have thought we could get through so many important topics in 30 minutes! I’ve already booked on the next networking event!

Daniel Edwards
Bloody Lovely Branding Co.

I stumbled upon David and Lisa’s course ‘How to Market Your Vegan Business’ by accident and am so glad I did. I learned so much and have changed my marketing approach. We all want to help the world go vegan, and David explains exactly how to create a successful business to do just that. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering starting a vegan business or to those who are seasoned business owners. You will not be disappointed!

Vilma Reynoso
Vegan Spirit Worldwide

Waaaaaah love the tribe! Superstars, both of you! Completely invaluable. 
Not just for the support, encouragement and guidance, but also finding some absolute gems to work with! I listened to about six of your podcasts while I was working yesterday. So, so productive. Took a lot from them and even put some advice into action!

Katy Wade
Do It Brocolli

I’m just amazed at the variety of businesses and so great to connect with other vegan businesses. The networking is great and so good to be in the breakout rooms. I love hearing about other people’s businesses. Just a great atmosphere surrounded by lots of lovely vegans.

Coral Sirett
Zest Health

If you’re running a vegan business or thinking about starting one I can recommend Vegan Business Tribe!

They’ll teach you everything you need to know about vegan business growth and marketing, and even have a private online session with you! Thank you guys! What you are doing is amazing!

Leonore Steffan
Itadaki Healthy

Thank you both so much! Delighted to have found Vegan Business Tribe! Such an incredible, inspiring community!

Jessica Davanzo
Square Peg Promotions

The Zoom networking event was amazing, it was so great to meet everyone! I can’t wait for the next one!

Louis Sandford

It’s like we’re now part of this new big family. It’s so good that you do this! Ed and I were literally blown away by our session with you.

Natasha Tatton

Thank you all so much for everything! You guys are the best! Keep up the good work and spreading veganism through the business world.

Itai Hasid
Vegan Writer, Marketing Manager and Producer

I vibe off that tribe! What an amazing group of people all supporting each other. Vegan Business Tribe have been fundamental in me seeing Primary Veducation as a way to make a living as well as a platform for advocacy.

It has also been pivotal in introducing me to other like-minded business folk who will help make that change happen!

Laura Chepner
Primary Veducation

It’s so brilliant to be a part of the Tribe! Fab meeting with my fellow vegans and changing the world together!

Matthew O’Hara
Mattioli Woods

Such a friendly, supportive and forward-thinking community! It reminds me that together we can make change happen and always leave the meeting with inspiration and a feel good factor!

I highly recommend checking Vegan Business Tribe out if you run a plant-based, vegan, ethical and/or a sustainable business, lots of resources available on the website too!

Damian Sciberras
Vegan Videographer

Fab to be part of the tribe. Can’t wait for our next meet up.

Hayley Akins
Motion Hatch

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