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We define a ‘vegan business’ as a business that is an extension of your own vegan ethics. Your business must not sell any product or service that contains animal ingredients or does harm animals in any way. We have a lot of members with vegan businesses that don’t lead with the vegan message at all – we love a bit of vegan by stealth!

Yes you can!  You get a free 20-minute Zoom call with David when you sign-up where you can pick his brains on anything! David also offers 121 coaching (at an additional fee) for members who want more hands-on support.

Vegan Business Tribe is a support community for vegans who have a business or who are business professionals. So as you would expect, almost all of our members are vegan. 

We do welcome members who have a vegan business and are also on the way to becoming vegan themselves. Often having the support of other vegans around you will help you take that final step. If you are not vegan yourself (and have no interest in being so) then we would ask you to think about your motivation for wanting to join a vegan business support group!

It is our shared ethics that brings us together as business owners rather than our geography. Because we are based in the UK, many of our members are European, but we also have lots of members in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries. Because of this, we make sure we cover all time zones with our live online events.

Not at all!  Vegan Business Tribe was founded by a couple (Lisa & David) and a number of our members are the same.  If you run your business with a partner, friend or family member then you are welcome to join all our live events, business clinics and networking events as a twosome

No, you are completely in control. You can cancel your membership at any time yourself using the member dashboard.

You can control all your account settings, including cancelling your membership at any time yourself, from your membership dashboard when you’re logged in to the site. Just click on ‘Account settings’ on the member’s dashboard and you can control your membership settings directly there.

Note that if you cancel your membership, when you return in the future you will rejoin on whatever the current membership fee is.

To cancel your membership, in your account settings click the ‘Subscriptions’ tab, and for your membership subscription click ‘cancel’. This will lead you through the simple cancellation process. Your membership will remain active (ie you will still have full access) until your next monthly renewal date, at which stage you will be downgraded automatically to the fan tier. The updated information in your ‘Subscriptions’ tab will reflect this.

If you need to cancel because of financial hardship concerns, please reach out to us before cancelling. 

If you have any issues with your subscription please email

If you are looking to take a break, then do get in touch with us. There is no ability to pause a membership but you can cancel your membership at any time (instructions above), and you’d be welcome to then rejoin again at any time whenever you’re ready! If you need to pause because of financial hardship concerns, please reach out to us before cancelling.

Yes, just go to your member’s dashboard (visible once signed in) and click on ‘account settings’.  Under the ‘payments’ menu option you can download an invoice for each month.

Just go to your member’s dashboard (visible once signed in) and click on ‘account settings’. You’ll be able to update your payment card details from there.

We certainly do!  We have a full directory of all Vegan Business Tribe members here and our members regularly use it to find new new suppliers who share their ethics.

If you’d like to be part of this directory, you will automatically added when you join and can then control your own listing.

Our Community Hub on the business communication tool Slack. It allows our members to talk with each other, ask for help and support and shout about their wins. It’s also where you have direct access to our founder David Pannell and it’s where a great deal of the activity at Vegan Business Tribe happens!

All members have full access to our Community Hub and you’ll be sent an invitation within 48 hours of signing up to Vegan Business Tribe.  You can download the Slack app on your desktop, phone or log-in through a browser also.

All members have full access to our Community Hub on Slack.  If you’ve recently changed your phone, then download the Slack app again and log in using your Slack login details. If Slack asks for our workspace name it is:

If you’ve forgotten your Slack login details, we invited you to our Community Hub using the email address you signed up to Vegan Business Tribe with.  So just enter that email address into Slack and click ‘forgot your password’ to reset your password.

You can also use Slack in a browser if you’d rather not download an app.

Absolutely! A number of our members are pre-launch or currently have another job while they are planning their business. Having others around you on the same journey really helps you get a business off the ground.

No, but we can help YOU get your business funded! We cover funding extensively in our content and have interviewed a number of experts and investors about funding a vegan business for our members. We have even have our own crowdfunding resource centre in our Academy section!

If funding is your biggest question at the moment then talk to us about this in your welcome session as a member and we will signpost you to lots of information for where to start.

Absolutely! Just go to our Events page on the website and scroll right down – you’ll see a full list of all upcoming events for this month and next month, including the timings.

We run events at different times throughout the move to cover different time zones.

Live events are accessible to all our paying members.  Just log in, head over to the events page, select your event and click the calendar link to book.

You will receive a Zoom link (and reminders before the event) after you book.  If you would like text reminders, remember to add your mobile number!

If you’ve booked on to one of our live events and then realise you can’t make it then there’s a cancellation link in the original email confirmation you received when you booked your place. Please click the cancellation link in that email (or in any reminder emails about that live event) to cancel your place.

If you can’t find the email, just search for anything you’ve received from ‘’ which is the email address all our confirmation and reminder emails are sent from for our live events.

When you’re logged in to our website go to your account settings and you’ll be able to update your email address and business details easily all within there.

When you’re logged in to our website just go to your account settings, then click on the ‘Your directory listing’ tab at the top. You’ll be able to change your photo and any directory details there.

Please do try and upload a photo of your face if you can – people buy from people and it really does make a big difference if people can see you instead of a logo!

When you’re logged in to our website go to your account settings and you’ll be able to change your email address by clicking the ‘Change Password’ link underneath your current email address and business details.

All our courses can be found in our Vegan Business Academy section of the website. Just select ‘courses’ from the drop down menu and make sure you are logged in to the website as a paying member to begin!

We only usually feature our Vegan Business Tribe members. If you think you’ve got something for us to shout about then send David a message through the Community Hub on Slack. We also welcome submissions of user-created content and courses for our Vegan Business Academy which we will co-brand and link back to your own website.

We love our members suggesting new topics for us to cover and regularly ask in our Slack group what people want to see. Do feel free to share your idea for a topic in our Slack group.

Our weekly podcast is mainly a solo / instructional show so we don’t book guests. When we do feature people on the podcast they are usually our Vegan Business Tribe members and sponsors or industry celebrities! So please reach out to David through our Slack group (members only) or email

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