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Do you need to understand the vegan marketplace and why consumers are buying plant-based?

The plant-based sector is like no other you will have operated in. The consumer is a moving target whose demands and buying behaviour changes as they evolve along their plant-based journey. Lisa and David have consulted with some of the biggest brands in the world to help them understand the plant-based marketplace and consumer: from high-street QSR and restaurant chains looking to improve their vegan offerings, to global manufacturers wanting to understand the opportunities for them in the plant-based market.

This might be a workshop with your leadership team to help them understand the marketplace and consumer, through to ongoing support and consultancy to help you get your plant-based option right.

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Bringing in Lisa and David made us realise just how little we understood of why plant-based consumers would want to buy from us. Their insight throughout this process has proved invaluable.

Head of NPD, major high-street QSR chain

We knew we had to enter the plant-based market but we put the hand-break on when we realised we just didn’t understand it. Now we feel we’ve got all the knowledge to develop our offering with confidence.

Brand Manager, global manufacturing company

We couldn’t have done this without David and Lisa’s input – and it all started with their workshop with our team and now we’ve launched a Vegan Society registered product into the market.

Owner, non-food manufacturing company.

How we can work with you to supercharge your understanding of the vegan and plant-based sector

From tailored workshops with your team to leading you through the process of certifying your product as suitable for vegans…

Vegan & plant-based consumer workshop

Need to understand the vegan sector and why consumers are buying plant-based? We will deliver an interactive workshop with your team to give them the critical sector knowledge they need.

Ongoing project consultancy

Need someone on your team who understands the plant-based market? We can work with you on retained or fixed-time contracts to bring our expertise into your team.

On-tap expert

Does your team need key input at crucial project points? Does marketing need to run final campaigns past an expert to make sure they are not making a vegan faux-pas? Let us be your expert vegans in the room.

Vegan Trademark registration

Are you looking to give your customers the highest possible confidence in your product? We are the UK agents for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark and will guide you through the application process.

Are you looking for an expert speaker for your conference or event?

What’s really motivating consumers to try plant-based? What’s the biggest reason we lose customers from the plant-based category? And what happened when David found himself seated next to a butcher and his wife at a vegan B&B?

David has been presenting at conferences and events for over twenty years and as a specialist speaker on the vegan and plant-based market for the last four. From group workshops to keynote speaker slots, David will deliver a very engaging insight into what’s powering the consumer move towards vegan and plant-based and what the future holds for the category and the companies that embrace it.

A few of the conferences that David has previously been invited to speak at…

About the presenter

David Pannell is a vegan entrepreneur, the co-founder of Vegan Business Tribe and the host of the weekly Vegan Business Tribe podcast.  A long-term business champion, David has consulted with some of the world’s biggest brands to help educate them on the vegan marketplace and consumer.

In his former life, David was the Manufacturing-sector Ambassador for The Chartered Institute of Marketing, alongside running his own business growth and marketing agency for 15 years.

David is a confident and entertaining speaker with many years of presenting experience. Email or fill in the form above to enquire about David speaking at your event.

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