A new vegan business certification from Vegan Business Tribe

With so many non-vegan companies now selling plant-based products or offering vegan services, it’s never been more important to be able to show that you are a genuine vegan business. The new Certified Vegan Business scheme is the way to prove that your company is run on vegan ethics and puts the vegan cause at the heart of your business.

Companies need to provide evidence to pass a four-point audit, showing that they abide by four codes of ethics:

  1. You only sell vegan products, or provide services that do not cause harm to animals.
  2.  You buy vegan products as a company, as far as is practical and possible.
  3. You strive to use other vegan businesses as your suppliers where possible.
  4. Your business actively supports or promotes the vegan cause.
You can learn more in full, on the Certified Vegan Business website here: www.certifiedvegan.biz

What is the difference between this scheme, and schemes offered by The Vegan Society and other organisations?

The Vegan Society only certify individual products as being vegan, not businesses. The Certified Vegan Business trademark is open to all types of companies, from cafes and beauty parlours, to business services, influencers and coaches – as long as your business is run on vegan ethics.

Once certified, you can display the trademark on your website, your marketing, your print or even in your window!

Vegan Business Tribe members get a huge £200 discount on registration before January 2024

Certification is a one-off £250 registration fee. Instead of a yearly renewal, you just pay £10 a month for as long as you want to remain certified. That money goes back into the work we do to support vegan businesses around the world.

Vegan Business Tribe members however can take advantage of our special launch offer which reduces the registration fee to just £50 if you register before January 2024. Just leave your details and we’ll send you a coupon:

Request £200 discount coupon:

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