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4 vegan events in 4 days!

We’re back! What did you mean you didn’t even notice I was away? Well, I guess one of the benefits (and drawbacks) of running an online business is that you are never really ‘away’, but my wife Lisa, one-year-old daughter Awen and I have been on an impromptu tour where we managed to fit ifour vegan events into one week. See the photos above!

We started with the Manchester vegan festival, then headed straight over to Cheltenham the next day for their outdoor vegan market. After a few days break in a vegan B&B in Cornwall, we took in the Plymouth vegan market before having a really chilled out day at the Himley Hall spring vegan market near Birmingham. 

And it was great. Each event had its own vibe and personality but more importantly, each one was packed out. Stall-holders were doing great trade and at two of the events, the food vendors were packing up by early afternoon because they had completely sold out of food!

It was, almost, like pre-covid times. 

If you read these weekly updates often, you will know that I am a big fan of local vegan events. They are an important step on many people’s journey to veganism and might be the first time someone consciously tries plant-based food. But they are also a place where a new businesses can test out a new product or service and get real feedback from potential customers.

So it doesn’t matter if you no-longer get excited by the prospect of a vegan donut or f*sh and chips, if you’ve got a local vegan market or fair coming up, go along and support them. Chat with the other people there, get to know the people who organised it, try out some food you’ve never tried before (we had African puff-puffs for the first time recently!) and support a small business. And if you know of any events you’d like to see us at this year, just hit reply and let me know!

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