The Vegan Business Tribe Podcast episode 121: The ripple effect

The long-term impact of small actions. Running a business is hard. It’s possibly the hardest way for you to earn money. You’re often faced with doubt and there are times when you feel like you’re not making any progress. But some of the things that you are doing now are like throwing a stone in a lake – you don’t know how far the ripples will go. You might not know the impact you’ve had on people or the results of some of your actions until long into the future, potentially even years.

In this episode, David looks at what he calls ‘the ripple effect’ and how you can speed up those ripples to reap the benefits sooner. Because with the right strategy, those ripples can turn into tsunamis!

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The big takeaway from this episode:

  1. Sometimes, it’s really hard to feel like you’re having any impact. There will be lots of times you think about quitting but that’s because a lot of the progress you are making and the impact you are having is hard to measure. It won’t be visible for some time to come.
  2. Remember our story about John Awen. He didn’t know that he’d inspired us to create Vegan Business Tribe until years later – in fact if he’d have dropped out of the vegan scene, disheartened at how many people were turning up to his talks, he’d probably never known at all!
  3. Ripples accumulate over time. An event you did a year ago or a trade show that you thought was a waste of time might have been the time that your dream new customer found out about you, but you didn’t know until much later.
  4. It’s not just about how many people you are reaching as a business, it’s about WHO you are reaching as a business. You might be surprised who’s taken notice of your LinkedIn posts or who’s read about you in the news or seen you at a tradeshow without you knowing who they were.
  5. And some of those people may go on to have a key part in your business or career future. If you’re talking to your first investor and they are already familiar with the good work you do, even if they have never interacted with you before, then that conversation is going to be a lot easier!
  6. You have to create those ripples yourself. Be regular, be consistent, be visible. And often that means getting out from behind your computer keyboard.
  7. You then need to leverage those ripples. If anyone is showing interest in what you do then get them on your mailing list. Collect their details. Don’t wait until they remember you and come back 12 months later, get them into your funnel now to speed that process up!
  8. Be patient. It’s only four years in as a business that I’m now starting to realise the huge value of the ripples that we started, some of them, several years ago. Over time, those ripples can turn into tsunamis.

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