The Vegan Business Tribe Podcast Episode 112 - Using your business as your activism, recorded live at Vegan Business Tribe Live at the London Olympia

How many times have you wished you could bring together your ethics with how you make a living? In this panel discussion recorded live at Vegan Business Tribe Live 2023 at the London Olympia, we bring together four Vegan Business Tribe members who all use their businesses as their platform to move the vegan cause forwards.

But won’t that put your customers off? How can you promote veganism if you don’t sell to vegans? And what if you don’t consider your business to be a ‘vegan’ business, even though you are vegan yourself? All these are the things that you might consider barriers to bringing your vegan ethics to the core of your business, but as you will learn from this panel: they are not!

Hosted by Shabari Das of World Vegan Market & London Vegan Business Network, panelists are:
Kelly Vowels, Pixal Rose Hair Design
Chloe Bullock, Materialise Interiors
Kayleigh Nicolaou, Kakadu Creative

With huge thanks to our amazing vegan sponsors:

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