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086 - SPECIAL: Live from Vegan Camp Out 2022

Lisa & David take their roving microphone around Vegan Camp Out. We hear from vegan entrepreneur and investor Heather Mills, activist Joey Carbstrong, podcasting legend Jim Moore, YouTuber David Ramms and Dave & Steve from The Happy Pear.

In this special double-length episode, we also catch up with vegan companies Vausages, Motion Hatch, One Planet Pizza, The Vegan Haberdasher, Vegan Founded, Lilk, Clemie’s Vegan Cakes and feature the music of BFriendly – all while David has a Vegan Business Tribe banner stand strapped to his back!

Listen to some 60-second snippets from the people we talk to in this episode:

Heather Mills, founder of VBites talking about scaling up and finding investors.

Joey Carbstrong, street activist, talking about using your skills to move the vegan cause forwards.

Dave & Steve Flynn, founders of The Happy Pear, talking about sustaining your output.

David Ramms, YouTuber, talking about building your social following.

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