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074 - How to claim back for your R&D

Can your vegan company claim for the research or product development your company may have done? And before you say your company doesn’t do R&D, don’t be too quick to jump to that conclusion! Veganising a recipe for your food product, developing a new app or computer system, researching a new material or creating more environmentally-conscious packaging for your product – all these are all examples of R&D and there’s a good chance that you can claim back on those costs.

Lots of countries have R&D Tax Credit schemes including the UK, America, Australia and many European countries also run similar programmes. So to talk about this topic in a lot more detail, David is joined by Vegan Business Tribe member Michael Newnham, who is the Technical Expert from Quantum R&D Tax Credits Ltd to find out what you can and can’t claim for.

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