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071 - How to start a podcast with Jim Moore, Bloody Vegans Productions

We are joined by the host of The Bloody Vegans Podcast to talk about how to start your own podcast. There seems to be a lot of obstacles to starting your own podcast. Which microphone should you get? How can I create a good-sounding recording space without spending a fortune? How do I get my podcast listed on Apple and Spotify? And once I’ve actually uploaded my podcast how do I get people to listen to it?

David and Jim come together to answer all these questions and to make sure that lack of technical knowledge or experience doesn’t get in the way of you launching what might be the next big vegan podcast. David also announces the launch of our new masterclasses section on the Vegan Business Tribe website where you can watch back more sessions like this with lots of vegan experts to help take your business to the next level.

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